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SBlue Mountains Valley
14 Days Aussie Trip with private guides

This trip was design to show you top ten the most interested places in Australia during 14 days holidays. You will see unique nature sights and feel Australia - a land of staggering contrasts spread out over a landmass almost as big as the continental US. Coral reefs, islands, rainforests, magical Uluru mountain and ravishing beaches rim the coast, while rugged canyons and red deserts of haunting beauty stretch across the interior. To get the most out of your visit, it's best to fly between the prime tourist destinations and concentrate on a particular area of the country. If it's your first visit to the Land Down Under, you might want to start from Sydney, magical Uluru ,Rainforest, & Reef, which spotlights the east coast's most popular tourist attractions. Then, depending on your interests and time explore Melbourne and surrounded areas. Two weeks is the recommended time to sightsee in Australia - especially if you're travelling from the Northern Hemisphere - as distances are vast and jet lag can take a couple of days to pass. 

Alternatively, you could visit  AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND with your tour guide during 14 Days. On 11 Day we fly to Queenstown and explore the city. On 12 Day visit Wanaka Lake and ride on speed boat and visit wine valley. On 13 Day travel to Te Anau Lake and on 14 Day visit amazing Milford Sound and fly back home. Please watch YouTube Video about Tour.

Things to do in Australia - Top 10 tourist attractions and places to visit in Australia


DAY Tour Name Activity Pick Up Time Duration
1 Meeting in airport and Sydney Private Guided Day Tour (City and Eastern Suburbs) Easy 9 am 8 hours
2 Blue Mountains  Private Guided Day Tour Easy - Hard 7.45 am 9 hours
3 Australian Wild Animals Watching and Aboriginal Sacred Places Private Tour Easy 8.00 am 9 hours
4 Flight to Ayers Rock and ULURU extended tour and SUNSET tour Easy 5h before sunset 5 hours
5 KATA TJUTA SUNRISE tour and flight to Sydney Easy 1h before sunrise 5 hours
6 Private Guided Day Tour to Canberra  Easy 7 am 12 hours
7 South Coast Private Guided Day Tour  and domestic flight to Cairns Easy - Medium 8 am 9 hours
8  Great Barrier Reef Tour in Small Group from Cairns / Port Douglas Easy - Medium 7.30 am 8 hours
9 Kuranda Private Tour Easy - Medium 8 am  9 hours
10 Great Waterfalls and Crater Lakes Private Tour Easy 8 am 10 hours
11 Flight to Melbourne Melbourne Private City Sight and Phillip Island Private Tour with Airport PickUp Easy  flight time 12 hours
12 Great Ocean Road & 12 Apostles Private Tour Easy 9 am  12 hours
13 Puffing Billy Private Tour with Healesville zoo Easy 9 am 9 hours
14 Yarra Valley Private Winery tour with airport drop off OR Free day before flight and Melbourne airport Transfer Easy 9.30 am 8 hours

BUDGET ESTIMATION (approximate without international flights)
Expenses 2 PAX 4 PAX 6 PAX
Hotels 4 star (the mean price between high and low seasons in room for 2 adults ) $2500 AUD $5000 AUD $7500 AUD
Domestic Flights (the mean price between high and low seasons) $1500 AUD $3000 AUD $4500 AUD
Private Tours / Excursions with attractions tickets $6050 AUD $9950 AUD $12200 AUD
TOTAL $10050 AUD $17950 AUD $24200 AUD
PER PERSON $5025 AUD $4487 AUD $4033 AUD

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